Why It’s So Hard to Stay on Top of your Finances and How FundBae Can Help

Have you been struggling to set financial boundaries or reach your goals? We understand how it is when you cannot get ahead of those bills. It is relatable and can be understood. However, saving is the keystone to financial health. It’s the first step to many financial hopes and dreams and leads to greater security.

It turns out saving is uniquely hard for our human brains, so we shouldn’t beat ourselves up when we fall short. Instead, it helps to understand why it’s so hard to save money in the first place and how financial apps like FundBae help us avoid some of our natural shortcomings.

Here are the four problems we deal with around money and how to solve them:

  1. High debts level:

This is one of the primary reasons one would be unable to meet his/her financial goals. It becomes challenging to deal with huge debts, causing anxiety for you and fear of saving any money when you haven’t successfully cleared the previous debt. 


Draft a financial Goal Per-Time: 

Apps like FundBae helps you budget or plan for your financial goals. Money isn’t what brings satisfaction; it is a financial security that does that. With Fundbae, you easily budget and save towards your financial target a little at a time.  

2. Low or No Saving:

Low or not having savings is another reason you are struggling to stay on top of your finances. If you do not save for emergency reasons or to attain any financial purpose, you would most likely spend recklessly. 


Save more and spend less: FundBae helps you maintain to maintain safe financial well-being. You need to reach the financial goal you have set for yourself. After you have successfully discovered the reason for your financial stress, solve all the problem by only spending on needs and wants can be delayed. 

3. Overspending: 

This ideology can be seen majorly among millennials with their unending cravings for things not needed. They think of how to live a better lifestyle that is unnecessary and just a list of wants that can be gotten later or ignored until there is financial stability. 


Reduce Cost: Cut down to the lowest of your finances and be sure to not spend beyond usual according to each item listed in the budget. Discipline and commitment are essential while abiding by budgets. Most of us want to save more, but it takes a lot of willpower (and effort) to continuously move money “out of sight.” and that’s why FundBae allows you to give your Naira a job at all times. 

4.  Poor money management skills:

If you are always low on cash or find yourself in financial chaos, you need to learn more about money management and not limit yourself to what you know.


Educate Yourself or visit an Advisor: Read up on financial literacy, watch videos on the internet to learn. If you can consistently do this, there would be a massive improvement, and it would help you plan effectively and manage your finances accordingly. You could also hope to visit an advisor to solve the financial issues and proffer solutions. 

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