Turn your Goals into Milestones. Explore the FundBae VaultLite Plan.

We all have set goals. We all want to achieve something tangible at every stage of our lives either personally or the career level. It gives us this self-worth and gives room for more goals to set and work towards them.  

Financially we also have these targets to achieve for a certain duration. While we all clamour for financial independence, we still struggle with meeting targets even those that seem to have their finances all figured out. 

The good news is that FundBae is here to help you set and achieve those goals. That’s a WIN-WIN!! FundBae VaultLite plan helps you save consistently towards a particular financial goal. You can save for your rent, vacation, a new gadget, or even start a new business and earn more money while at it.

What All About VaultLite

VaultLite is a target savings plan that enables you to save strictly and consistently towards a financial goal. With this plan, multiple target savings can be made to save towards various needs. Savings can be funded into this account automatically or manually. 

The interest rate offers up to 10% per annum but can only be earned at maturity, more so if the target amount is not achieved at maturity, all accumulated interest would be forfeited.

Benefits of VaultLite 

  • Assists to achieve plan or End goal
  • High-interest rate of 10% per annum
  • Can be funded manually and automatically 
  • Has no maximum balance so save as much as you like.
  • Get to select a convenient saving frequency. 

Simple ways to get started 

  • Download FundBae from the App Store or Play Store
  • Log into your dashboard & click on start saving 
  • Select Vault 
  • Create a Vault Lite Plan
  • Input amount, saving frequency, start and end date  
  • Add your debit card and create Vault  

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