‘I get happy when I get my daily interest alerts’. Here is how Mojoyin, a FundBae member, enjoys using the mobile app to reach her money goal.

‘For a long time, I struggled to manage my money. I didn’t have much in the way of savings. Still, over the past months, I have been able to achieve several money milestones, and it’s assuring that FundBae is helping me align with my financial goal.’

Akin-Oluyomi Mojoyinifeoluwa, a professional marketer, briefed us about how she has cracked the flex to saving effortlessly like a pro since she began to use FundBae. Like many others, she stated that she had a strong will to save but kept going back on the plan because she could not stay committed.

In her words, ‘I have been trying to have a much better micro-savings style with ease and convenience. With FundBae, I have been able to do so. Also, I have been able to control my withdrawal rates because I observed that the withdrawals diminish my interest flow. It allows me to save much better, and I also don’t have to worry about unnecessary charges on withdrawals. This reason always keeps me on my toes.’

In line with the famous saying, information today is power, Mojoyin also recounted how she heard about the money app platform from a client in March 2020. She enjoys every bit of it and cannot stop now. She stated, ‘I have used other finance apps before learning about Fundbae from my client. I have always tried to save on other platforms, but I haven’t been as disciplined as I am with Fundbae. I am elated when I get my daily interest alerts that are accessible anytime. Unlike other platforms where I cannot see how much accrues on my money, especially when I add to my savings.

‘Once I started using the FlexBae Plan on FundBae, oh my! My excitement was complete, and I cannot overemphasize what FlexBae does, and I love it very much. It is my favourite plan of all time. It works on me like magic; waking up to credit alerts is therapeutic. It is also easy to navigate and use without any hassles of long processes for withdrawals and top-ups.”

She concluded by explaining her FundBae experience so far, “It’s been a fantastic experience. I look forward to more happy experiences. As well as referring the mobile app to individuals within my circles like my family, friends etc., and that is because FundBae is truly Bae,” she added.