Learn and Enjoy the New Features in FundBae

You may have noticed some exciting changes in the FundBae app. We have rolled out new plans, and features focused more on avenues for our users to earn more money and get better insights about their money. 

This new feature is a better holistic view of your financial picture to improve the FundBae experience. Rolling out these new features, we addressed some of the biggest requests we’ve received from the FundBae community.

  1. FlexBae Free Withdrawal 

Before our new update, our users can now withdraw and invest any time on their FlexBae plan, including public holidays and weekends. Users earn interest every 24 hours anytime they fund their accounts. The objective is to give our users the power of flexibility while still earning interest on their loose funds, even on weekends and public holidays. You do not need to be scared of time limits anymore. Withdraw your funds at your convenient time.

2. Two-Factor Authentication:

Our users can now activate their 2FA on their FundBae account. The two-factor authentication helps to add another layer of security to your transactions processes by making it harder for attackers to gain access to your FundBae Account.

3. Budgeting

If you have heard the term live within your means, it is essentially referring to budgeting so that you are spending less than you are earning. With this new budget feature, users can automatically control their money, optimize their spending, and automatically keep track of their account balances. The tool helps you directly see how much you are spending versus how much you are bringing in to create realistic budgets.

4. Auto-Sweep

An innovative tool allows users to automatically move funds from their wallet account to any of their preferred savings plans after thirty minutes. When you activate Auto-Sweep and credit your wallet account, after 30 minutes, funds will be credited into your preferred plan. This tool helps users to earn interest and grow their money rather than forgetting funds in the wallet. 

5. Bills Payment

With this new upgrade, users now have the option to save details of frequent transactions and set schedule payments on bills payment on your account.

To experience all the latest plans and features, the features mentioned above are only available on our web version but coming soon on our mobile app platforms