Grow Your Idle Funds: All You Need to Know About our FlexBae Plan

Paying yourself first is one of the pillars of personal finance and considered the golden rule by many financial planners. Most of us would have heard of the popular refrain in the world of personal finance that states, “If you want to build wealth, you’ve got to pay yourself first!”

The basic idea behind paying yourself first is simple to understand. By paying yourself first, you’re saving away some cash for yourself into your savings or retirement account before paying your bills, buying groceries, or buying that brand new TV.

However, you can break the norm of waiting to pay yourself after your paycheck day to paying yourself every day, reaching your financial goals faster. Sure, the question popping in your head is how I can go about this.

This financial service platform called FundBae enables you to spend, save, and invest with any amount of money at your preferred pace. FundBae, has a plan called the FlexBae that allows you to earn and spend money every day by saving up your loose funds.

What FlexBae is all About

FlexBae is flexible savings account where you earn interest on your loose funds no matter how small the amount and how short the time you are investing. This plan allows you to spend interest in as little as 24 hours. Withdrawal from this account is free, and also the interest rate here is up to 12% per annum.

Please note that any amount from N100-N100,000 attracts 12% interest. Any amount above your first 100,000 attracts a 5% interest rate. Both interests are paid daily and also accessible. For example, you have a loose fund of N200,000 in your FlexBae account; your first N100,000 attracts 12% while the remaining N100,000 attracts 5% interest.

How does this work?

Imagine having a loose fund of One hundred Thousand Naira. How then does FlexBae make you earn or spend money every day? Let’s do a quick calculation.

Loose Funds = N100,000

Having a FlexBae Account Earns you = 12% Per Annum.

Interest Earn for one year =12/100*100,000= N12,000

Interest Earned Per day = 12,000/365= N33

Interest earned after a month = N33*31= N1023

In two Months = 1023*2= N2,046

You can withdraw both your interest + capital = 1023 OR 2046 + (N100,000 capital)

Withdrawal plus Capital=N101,023 or N102,046

Note you can withdraw at any time from your FlexBae account.

The FlexBae Benefits

  • Earn interest per day that is spendable on anything that matters.
  • It is flexible; you have access to both your capital and interest without liquidation charges.
  • It sets proper priorities.
  • It creates a healthy work/reward cycle.
  • It models smart financial strategy.

How do you get started?

  • Log on to the website, or download the FundBae App on both PlayStore or AppStore to create an account.
  • Set up your withdrawal account details – this is the bank where your funds are sent to when you choose to withdraw.
  • Provide your debit card details to activate your FlexBae account, make your first deposit (you can use a MasterCard, Visa, or Verve card from any Nigerian bank).
  • You can then opt for any savings plans and begin to save at your preferred pace.

We tend to pay all of our bills, spend our money on things we need and want, and then save what is left over. Unfortunately, that process isn’t beneficial. Why? Because there’s usually nothing left! FundBae provides a platform for you to make wise decisions with your money and create a nest egg for yourself. The fact that you can start with any amount you have today ensures that you can instantly jump on the journey of financial responsibility.

Don’t just pay yourself after collecting your paycheck. Instead, pay yourself DAILY!

FundBae is available to users on Web and Android platforms. For more details and to know how this works, visit or follow us on our social media platforms @fundbaeng.