FundBae Team storms NYSC Lagos Camp

In a bid to promote financial wellness and attainment among the new graduates currently undergoing the compulsory National Youth Service Corps, the FundBae team stormed their orientation camp in Lagos on Thursday, 12th August 2021.

The objective of the visit was to educate the corp members on how to start growing their funds because they are more likely to be less dependent on their parents for funds.

Speaking to the corp members in Lagos, The Product Manager FundBae, Nelson Ochnogor, stressed the need for corp members to utilize the value of time to grow their funds.

He also narrated how the FundBae app can help them achieve their goals especially having a money app that provides flexibility when investing.

In his words, ‘There is no better time to start investing than now. Your funds gotten at this stage of your life should be spent wisely to secure your future. Make a decision today to be an investor for the rest of your life.’
‘FundBae helps you save and invest wisely because it provides you with an avenue to be flexible with your funds by getting accessible daily interest. You get interest on your funds every 24 hours’ He added.

Also, the corps members enjoyed the freebies given to them by the team. See snapshots of the event below

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