Go Far with Your Savings. Save and Earn with Dollars on FundBae.

Here at FundBae, we continuously improve our users’ avenues to grow their money. That is why a FundBae user can comfortably beat currency devaluation and inflation rates by exploring FundBae Dollar Savings. This feature allows you to save in Naira and earn in dollars on your terms. Our Dollar savings is of two formats, namely: 

  1. Dollar Wallet (5% Interest Per Annum)
  2. Dollar Vault (Up to 7% Interest Per Annum)

a. Dollar Wallet: This is a transactional account that allows you to save and earn dollars easily. With Dollar Wallet, you can instantly convert your Naira to Dollars from your wallet or bank card. You can access funds on this plan anytime and earn interest while at it. Savings can be accessible at any time including interest payable at the end of every month. For the Dollar Wallet, you earn a 5% Interest rate per annum

b. Dollar Vault: This is a fixed deposit feature where users turn their Naira to Dollars and fix for a minimum of three months and access both capital and interest after maturity. The interest rate here is up to 7% per annum.

Note: Any amount below $5000 earns 7%, while above $5000 earns 5%.

How to Get Started

  1. If you are a new user, kindly signup on FundBae here www.fundbae.ng/signup. If you are already an existing user, sign in to your account.
  2. Complete your KYC details
  3. On your dashboard, below the Quick actions Tab, navigate to Dollar Plans.
  4. Select and fund your preferred Dollar plan
  5. Start earning.
To experience all the latest plans and features, the features mentioned above are only available on our web version but coming soon on our mobile app platforms.