FundBae pays out N12M as Interest to Customers

FundBae, a digital bank, has paid its customers over 12 Million Naira as Interest in 2021, her first year of operations. With a user base of over 40,000, FundBae helps users discover true money happiness by exploring and leveraging any of the eight different plans available through the digital bank.

FundBae helps these users attain their financial goals by offering them easily accessible, goal-oriented banking services, including savings and investment products that earn up to 15% per annum. With FundBae, users earn daily accessible interest every 24 hours on their funds, giving boundless opportunities for users to simultaneously save, invest and make money on any of their loose funds.

Users are also comfortable with the risks they take to reach their goal and can save and invest with as little as NGN100 regardless of income and class and enjoy 2% cashback on Airtime and DSTV Bills anytime.

Recently FundBae announced collaborations with Kwacofocus Microfinance Bank Limited and Vale Finance Limited, both licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria. The latter is a member of the Finance Houses Association of Nigeria (FHAN).

The collaborations are strategic for FundBae after hitting N1Billion transaction volume since her first year. The alliance entails that Vale Finance Limited will be responsible for implementing the company’s funds investment strategy, managing their trading activities, and making important investment decisions that suit both the company and their customers.

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