Save Together with Friends. Introducing Trybe and ThriftBae Savings.

Good friends are vitally important to the quality of your life. To live and to love are inseparable from each other. Friendship is an opportunity to love, to learn about yourself.

Here at FundBae, we value friendships and these birth savings with friends seamless with our two group savings plans. These plans are only available on our Web Version for now. Coming soon on our mobile apps. Group savings plan includes 

  • Trybe Savings (Group Target Savings)
  • ThriftBae (Rotation Savings)

Trybe Savings (Enjoy 10% per annum)

Trybe savings is a Group Target Savings. Save up for shared goals with an unlimited number of friends, contribute separately and track each other savings progress together to achieve common goals and enjoy a 10% Interest rate per annum.  The Trybe savings admin determines how many friends will be participating in the savings challenge.

How to Create a Trybe Savings 

  • Signup on FundBae
  • Complete your KYC details
  • Log into your dashboard, Navigate to Savings.
  • Click Group Savings, select and create Trybe Savings.
  • Join public or savings challenge, choose a category, agree to amount and participants.
  • Choose private settings, choose how you want preferred identification means or your alias, set up a contribution pattern as a user or creator.
  • Upon completion, the user/leader is created and then invites new members via emails. The latest user joins and set-up criteria based on what has been previously following all guidelines laid down.

ThriftBae (Enjoy 10% per annum)

ThriftBae is a rotation savings plan, popularly known as ‘Ajo or Esusu’. This plan allows a user to create a plan and invite friends to save with a mission. Each member contributes based on the payment frequency of the ThriftBae plan.

However, 80% of the contribution will be made available to the member collecting for that period. The 20% left with the 10% is payable and shared among members when the saving cycle is completed.

How to Get Started

  • Signup on FundBae
  • Complete your KYC details
  • Log into your dashboard, navigate to savings.
  • Click Group Savings, select and create ThriftBae,
  • Set up criteria for the collection, payment/collection arrangement.
  • Agree to the terms; then a code is generated to be shared with all users participating and must accept within 72 hours.
  • After joining, status changes to awaiting, which will require all members to consent and agree to terms before entering, is complete.
  • Once all members agree/consent, Thrift becomes active.

To experience all the latest plans and features, the features mentioned above are only available on our web version but coming soon on our mobile app platforms.