The secret to building these numbers in just a little over a year makes us believe that you and I are capable of putting in the work and seeing relevant results. FundBae is celebrating over 50 thousand downloads, an impressive milestone for us.

For Team FundBae, this is emotional. For FundBae, this is just the beginning, and Nigerians are not ready for what is about to drop on them. Our team has put all their efforts into making this a reality, and the journey has been quite impressive. FundBae sells you the dream few offer; saving is difficult for most people; we break it down for you.

We are in the business of helping you develop financial flexibility alongside understanding what personal finance involves in every way possible. This brilliant idea that our CEO, Shola Adeyinka, sparked has been the fuel that has kept us up and awake. We have kept the candle burning night and day to offer you what you didn’t even think was possible.

The brand promise is financial flexibility and financial independence. This is what FundBae was born for. And have delivered it over and over to more than 50 thousand people, and we are building a community of people who create wealth while still working their 9-5s. FundBaes’ vision is to deliver a platform that offers the most efficient option to manage their funds and escape the fast-rising inflation in Nigeria. 

Different strokes for different folks, they say. FundBae delivers this seamlessly with our mouth-watering plans that can cater to all. We have assisted people in reaching their saving goals without the fear of losing their money. This is unlike the familiar kolo stories we have heard in recent times. You can achieve your dreams with FundBae’s strict target savings plan, VaultLite. Saving seamlessly towards a cause has been made possible through this plan for students and other individuals.

As a community, we always encourage people to save just because; it comes back to the need to keep because it is healthy for all to do so. Students have benefitted from our quarterly saving plan Save2B. It allows you to save funds for every quarter of the year while offering you 8% interest per annum. You already see that everyone has something to enjoy in our community. 

We adapted as we needed to with time and now have the dollar saving plan. There are no worries concerning losing the value of your hard-earned cash with the FundBae dollar wallet that offers you 5% interest annually. 

Have you been scammed before? Then there is no reason to waste time anymore. Join the FundBae community, and we will educate you on financial lessons that will help you cultivate healthy saving & spending habits. Trust me; Sapa has nothing on our community members. They keep their budget under lock and key. 

This is what we do. It is who we are. We represent financial independence, and we teach everyone to be like us. We teach everything about money because it is something you learn; otherwise, it won’t stay when you have it. We are all about making your money journey an exciting tale to tell.

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