Vale (formerly Fundbae) is repositioning as a digital bank, enabling access to limitless opportunities for individuals and businesses.

The Vale (Fundbae) proposition began as a Savings App aimed at helping Gen Zs and Millennials manage money and earn above-market returns on fixed, target savings and overnight savings plans. In the last year, uptake has grown steadily, with over 55,000 Users signed-up and close to N3 Billion in Savings and Payment transaction activity.

Vale is now going a step further, beyond Savings. It is evolving into a full digital banking suite that solves for all income earners – working persons or business owners. With Vale, Users can enjoy high-yield Savings, Smart-Credit to fund their goals, Buy-now Pay-Later Credit, also send and receive money through their digital account.

To scale-up adoption, Vale is building a community of ‘Builders’ – Customers with smart financial goals, seeking to earn more, do more and connect more. A referral program is in place to attract these ‘Builders’; anyone can earn money and other rewards by introducing friends to Vale.

Also, Vale is duly regulated and holds a Finance House License issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria. The business is attracting investment attention for fundraising, having raised an undisclosed amount at a pre-seed round in the first half of 2022. According to the leadership team, Vale will soon be in the market for a $2 Million Seed raise to fund the roll-out of its Buy Now Pay Later offering.

Indeed, the future looks bright for Vale as it embarks on its mission to enable limitless banking for individuals and businesses in Africa and for Vale Users; its Welcome to Freedom.